SWISH is an independent, non-profit making networking group for women working in executive search.

Our mission is to inspire and support women – with the aim of encouraging and coaching them to aspire to and achieve more senior roles.

We believe that the workplace should be flexible and accommodating to everyone. Women should be able to succeed on their own terms, and we hope that by bringing together a wide range of mentors and peers who have made different choices in their careers will support others who are on their own path through this industry.

We host quarterly leadership development, knowledge-sharing and network-building forums designed specifically for women in executive search:

  • Group discussions on topics such as leadership; managing your career; managing change; innovation in search, and thriving in executive search
  • Interactive panel discussions with senior women in search to understand their journeys and learn from the decisions that they have made
  • Key note speakers on relevant topics of interest
  • And the opportunity to meet, exchange notes with and get to know your peers in an informal,  supportive, non-judgemental environment.

Potential members are women building their careers in executive search with 4+ years of experience, who want to have open and honest conversations with other women in a supportive, trustworthy and non-judgemental environment.