Jane Reddin

Talent Director


Jane is the Talent Director for AlbionVC.  She helps the fund invest in the best founders for AlbionVC by assessing their leadership potential and works with the leadership teams to support and accelerate  rapid organisational scaling. 

In her 25 year career, Jane has transacted >500 senior hires, globally, for disruptive companies, built international and new-market teams inside a start-up, hired a fund team and, as an advisor, helped over 100 start-ups build high performing teams.

Until Oct 2018, she spent 6 years as the Talent Advisor at Balderton Capital and built the proposition which provides talent strategy and leadership development to Balderton CEOs and founder teams.  This includes on-tap advice, helping them hire and develop their senior leaders and mentoring in-house talent leaders to build their talent functions from scratch.  As the co-founder of The Talent Stack, a talent management consulting company for start-ups, she built a talent acquisition and talent development toolkit for entrepreneurial leaders, based on the solutions she has seen make a real impact on growth in agile cultures.

Jane cares deeply about helping entrepreneurial companies to scale up by using the right data to hire and develop the right people at the right time.  She is intrinsically driven to help founders solve growth challenges, using practical candour.